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Preserving the Past 

  More and more, we see people hold on to the old. Afraid of letting go of the things we always knew. Letting go may mean forgetting about it, little by little. We don’t want to forget. We want to cherish and hold onto the comfort of the past. Beautiful moments come and go, and our memories of them fade away. But this is where we see a shift. We don’t want the memories to slip away, so we preserve them in different ways than just in our minds. We want to capture them in new ways and create new sentimental pieces. This way of connecting the old with the new gives us new memories and something meaningful to hold onto.  

Image by Trình Minh Thư
Bag of Eggs


 Designed by Jolien Roesthuis, Hug is about customizing a bag with memories. Hug makes the lining for your new bag personalized. You sent in an old piece of clothing, and Hug makes the lining for your new bag out of that piece of clothing. This way, you can forever especially enjoy meaningful pieces.  
This fulfils our need to want to hold on to meaningful pieces and memories from our past. We don’t want to let go, and we want to hold on to and preserve our loved ones or things we love and care about. 

Remastered art

 Remastered art was created by Twan Schraven, founder of MONDiLAB.   

 It is a new style of art which combines the past and present. A group of artists re-imagines old art pieces to their taste and preserve them. They create something new by editing an old painting. This way, the life of old paintings is extended sustainably and innovatively.   

 This opens up a lot of creative opportunities for new artists. Because it revives the old masters and connects them to our unique talents, creating a new meaningful piece of art makes it possible to both create new and appreciate the old. The new artist literally shares the canvas with the old artist, and these two worlds collide and breed a unique work of art. 

Madonna and Child Saints
Street Art

Good use of nft’s preserving street art

 Street artists created NFT Mural Collection to give the art style a place in the NFT market. This generates income for the artists and allows their art to live on digitally after the physical art pieces have been damaged, removed or painted over. By scanning street art and turning it into an NFT, it becomes possible to immortalize the artwork.   

 We want to preserve this art style to be able to appreciate it for a longer period of time or forever. It gives the artists more freedom of creativity. And by digitalizing an artwork, it also becomes more accessible to a broader audience. 

 Fuelled by the pandemic, when we were unable to create new meaningful memories, we started relying on old ones. We weren’t happy in the present, so we felt the need to look back to the past for happier times. To indulge in nostalgia and escapism. This need to look back to old times resulted in an increased desire to preserve our past, to hold on to it. 

 Preservation and nostalgia can be a good thing, especially if it helps us through challenging times.  

it's good to hold onto a healthy amount of beautiful memories and happily look back on them. As long as we keep living in the present and don't lose ourselves in the past.


 It’s healthy to happily look back at the past and to find a way to incorporate it into the present. We will probably continue to find ways to preserve our past and to look back for nostalgic purposes, especially since the world around us continues to change so rapidly.

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