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 What if we could do good to our world, using technology as a tool to learn from and use it to collaborate with the nature around us? We seem more tempted by digital worlds the more we exhaust natural resources. We spend more time online, and our planet has less biodiversity. Is there a correlation?      
We want to preserve and improve our ecosystem, not only in real life but also digitally. Technology can be a tool to help us remember that we can make more sustainable  
decisions and create a better physical environment. Combining the power of both nature and technology, we can restore lost parts of our ecosystem and surroundings.

A person using VR wearable device

The Woolly Mammoth is alive in the metaverse

 Researchers at the La Brea Tar Pits, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and the University of Southern California worked together to bring the Woolly Mammoth to life in the metaverse. They made an accurate scientific recreation. You can step into the Pliocene time in the metaverse to learn more about the Woolly Mammoth and other extinct animals from that time period.   

 We want to preserve our ecosystem and have more control in preserving and de-extinction. This tool gives us more knowledge on how this can look and how we can accomplish this.

The creation of hybrid species

 Xenolife is on a mission to restore our earth's balance with the help of the creation of hybrid species. So many species are in danger of extinction, which puts the earth's biodiversity at risk. What if it is too late to save species on the verge of extinction? In the future, it might be possible to create hybrid species. Using and mixing the genetic codes of different species to build new ones. 

Gold Fish
Wooden Stool

The Living Bench 

 Made by studio Hendrikx, the living bench is an inflatable structure that uses hair algae to purify local air. It is made of bio-based plastic and used to fight pollution and purify the air around the bench. The idea came from wanting to build and collaborate with nature rather than destroying it and using it to build stuff. Since they work with living materials, the bench must be fed twice a month.

Humans' destructive way of living has caused many parts of our nature to go extinct. The climate crisis has washed away the grand diversity that once was on our planet for thousands of years. Today we are witnessing new species dying out daily, year by year. We feel guilty about our harmful actions as humans and want to bring something positive to our ecosystem.   
Therefore, we are trying to restore our past ecosystem using today's technology. Although rapid digitalization has negative effects on the environment, we want to overturn that and use technology to create sustainable, long-term solutions for the future of our planet and the next generations.   

natureverse image2.jpg
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