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Trend research and concept development are deeply intertwined in our education. The combination of in depth trend research and concept development gives our students an advance: using trends to design real on the spot concepts, that can make sure your company knows how to react to innovations in the market.


Read down below about the examples our students work on: examples they make for different companies, a few graduation thesis and the trendbooks our students develop for  for the trendtours.

PRODUCTS for Companies by our STUDENTS

Different products our students created, read about the trend reports and future proof concepts our students created in their first or second year of International Lifestyle studies.

Be inspired!


Read about the graduation pieces and become inspirered by these future proof concepts.  

TRENDREPORTS made for the trendtours

Trends are the future, literally! We are trained to investigate the future. Curious? Read below some interesting trendreports we use for our trendtours.  

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