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Our Work

 We are Trend Researchers who investigate various innovative products and services on the market. Our specialty is detecting shifts in the values and needs of people and understanding what kind of products or services can satisfy their new needs. 

 Here we have detected such innovations collected within five currently present trends. If you are curious about what these trends are and how are they already manifesting around you, read down below!

Independant wellbeing2.jpg


Independent wellbeing

We strive for independence from other people when it comes to our own emotional and physical well-being. What tools can we use for this?


Customized co-living

In Customized Co-Living, people work together in existing spaces to co-create customized environments that fulfil their shared needs. Communities are being established, while individuality is being preserved. 



Preserving the past

We don't want memories to slip away, so we preserve them in different new ways, not just in our minds.



What if we could do good to our own world, using technology as a tool to learn from, and use it to collaborate with the nature around us?

natureverse image2.jpg
safety vs freedom (1).jpg


Blurring Boundaries

We still have to learn how to exist within the internet and adjust to its ethics and regulations. But what does this even mean?

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