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Serious Trendwatching Trendbook

For this book, Carl Rohde has selected the 25 best examples of Cool that can enhance people’s Quality of Life. These examples were all spotted by the best Coolhunters from various academic years at International Lifestyle Studies as part of an ambitious Quality of Life research project. In cooperation with the students, he analyzed these examples thoroughly.

His main objective was to make this valuable methodology more transparent for students. Secondly, he wanted new generations of students to understand how the academy perceives Quality of Life, and to inspire students to embrace the subject. And finally, to show representatives of organizations and companies what ILS and the readership Trendwatching do with trends in this course.

Minor Trendwatching

International Lifestyle Studies offers the minor Trendwatching

twice a year.

All students who are enrolled at Fontys, or another University

of Applied Sciences, and who would like to learn more about

trends, and seek to use this knowledge in their future profession,

can take this minor.

This minor teaches students how to systematically track,

analyze, and interpret mentality trends.

Students discover how the consequences of these worldwide

developments will impact their future professions. After completing

this program, students will be able to apply trend insights

specifically to the sector in which they work. This book

contains a discussion of some examples that have been

observed by our students.

Download book : here


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