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"Since five years International Lifestyle Studies is part of the Ambiente fair; worlds’ largest consumer goods fair. ILS students host daily trend tours, twice a day, in hall 4 (Dining section) and hall 11 (Living section) and go ‘hunting’ for new signals of trends in the morning that they then write about on their website:

The students make their own trend book with the five most relevant consumer trends for the living industry (downloadable on their website), prior to Ambiente, and explain the trends by showing product examples, found at Ambiente, in the trend tours. Of course this happens in English, since it is an international trade fair.

This year was again a great success! The students hosted over 140 participants in total and have gotten great reactions from designers, representatives, press and buyers. To see all of their findings and their adventures at Ambiente, please check their website and social media:




Twitter: "

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