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Beyond the brand

Study book 'Het merk voorbij' ('Beyond the brand')

By ILS-lecturer Rudy van Belkom

BP's oil spill, Volkswagen's tampered software and Rabobank's Libor affair. More and more scandals come to light and the confidence in organizations is historically low. Still there are many organizations that claim to be better than they actually are. Thanks to the Internet the consumer is more powerful than ever. As a result, the relationship he has with a co

mpany is more equal, more personal and transparent. 'Het merk voorbij' shows that companies should keep this in mind when they communicate: identity and image are more than building a brand.

This handbook presents a new method: TACTICS. This is a step-by-step method to work on a meaningful and credible image. Not analyzing afterwards, but proactively managing expectations, that is the key. The theoretical basis is followed by chapters on practical implementation, case studies and examples of successful image development. The comprehensive website helps teachers to optimally use the book and offers students additional practice materials. It helps professionals to examine their field from a current perspective.

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