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Designers are our Future

The students of International Lifestyle Studies travel the globe, but our Lecturers get this possibility as well.

This year. Plzeň a city of the Tsjech republic, is sharing the hostmanship of the European Culture Capital. This is a great honour and Pilsn is giving a great example by showing the world their upcoming talents and cultural heritage.

Due to this event, the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art invited multiply university, art academy’s, Design/Art institutes, museum and organisations in this field.

I was one of the invitees.

The group combined was quite inspirational, meeting the representative of the national US design agency and the design curator of the Museum of Modern Art NY.

During our four day visit the main goal was: getting an in depth vision on the current and upcoming changes in the design field.

Presentations and workshops made it possible to get a lot of information and inspiration.

During this visit I presentated a vision on the Future Roll of Designers and gave a workshop in Trendwatching for the designfield.

It was a great inspirational trip, which left me with a global view of the changes in (graphic) design.

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