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Inspirators on a tour of inspiration.

While our students had a day off, our lecturers embarked on a trip to be inspired, interact and get new knowledge.

Every three months the lecturers of ILS have a day to interact and get renewed insights. This is always outside the campus grounds.

This march we visited Rotterdam and got on a route visiting different new concepts and projects.

The studies of ILS are at the forefront of changes in society, so we had a good reason to visit this specific plot. Especially because the City of Rotterdam is chosen by lonely planet as the must visit of 2016. Lucky us, we were provided by Rotterdam Partners with the special Lonely planet edition of Rotterdam.

Our day started off in Annabel, a new club build in one of the oldest (dance)clubhouses of Rotterdam. This was THE place where every 16 year old had the change to dance until 5 in the morning in a dozen different halls/salons. Annabel is situated just next to Biergarten and has an outside terrace, that connects different parts of the city through a yellow bridge and high rises.

Here a lecture by the pristine Carl Rhode was given. This lecture about trend and trend related must reads was inspirational. My list of books with no time to read has grown even bigger.

After the lecture we moved to a new location, on top of a roof! On some of the Rotterdam roofs there are green rooftops. (We call them Dakakkers). On one of them, there’s a small lunch place we call ‘Op het dak’ (translation: On the Roof!). A divine lunch was served by the lovely Valerie Kuster, one of the main partners of ‘Op het Dak’.

After lunch, three different routes could be followed: Food, Technology or Appearance. These different routes visited different young designers, food fanatics and inspirators of Rotterdam.

Need some more inspiration, click on the links below

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