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Every April, during International week, our students and lectures scatter around the globe. This year the cities of Copenhagen, Lisbon, Capetown, New York City around some others have been visited. During these trips they visit companies, research the city and discover the city through coolhunting and co creation.

The visit of Lisbon was organized in collaboration with Trends Observer.

Trends Observer is an International Trends & Innovation Platform.

They reacted with the following on their website about our visit:

Coolhunt in Lisbon with our colleagues from Fontys Academy for the Creative Industries! Several groups were created to explore Lisbon and discover signals of chance and innovation. The findings are now being analysed. What will we discover?

(15 april 2016 by Trends Observer)

Trends Observer took us on a visit of the Belém area and the CCB. We did intensive field work in downtown Lisbon and in other parts of the city, in order to identify creative manifestations of cultural trends. The week ended with a joint session between ILS and the students of the Postgraduate Course in Trends Communication and Master in Communication and Tourism.

The results of this week will contribute to the ongoing study of cultural trends by Trends Observer and gave the students a great work experience in research, analyze and apply.

Thank you Lisbon & Trends Observer.

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