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ILS lecturer visits Bhutan

In the daily life of Bhutan wellbeing is an important issue. It is the only country in the world where the Gross National Happiness is more important than the Gross National Product. All residents have basic facilities such as running water (potable) water, electricity, adequate food and TV. The familial social system is highly developed and there is free access to health and education. ILS lecturer John Matthijs visited the country to join The Last Secret, an adventurous run through the heart of the Himalayas. Meanwhile, he did research on wellbeing and happiness.

Among others, he spoke to citizens, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Royal Institute for Management (RIM) and the Gross National Happiness Center (GNHC). Employees of this center make sure that the government policies actually results in happiness. But just like other countries, Bhutan has to deal with megatrends like global warming and globalization. To cope with these problems RIM and GNHC increasingly work together with universities and organisations abroad. Although the distance will be a challenge, they are willing to work together with Fontys ACI as well.

According to Matthijs, here we can learn from the way these organisations try to achieve happiness for the people of Bhutan.

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