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ILS and Trendpit joined forces again

Last July Trendpit visited Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam (MBFWA) for the 8th time in a row. For the last four years, the team has reported every MBFWA show and event. This year too, a diverse collection of designers showed their creations, fueling our brains with new inspiration. We’ve written about trends, society and designers, but never about ourselves. So who are those faces behind Trendpit? Read on and find out!

Since 2014 we’ve had the pleasure to work with over 25 ILS students. Every year, taking fresh minds to the Westergas terrain is a little party. And apparently, our members like celebrating that party too, because some of them have joined us during six FashionWeeks already. Judith Kutschenreuter, Houda Bibouda and Lynn de Munnik were our most senior reporters this year, having written over 25 articles together.

But the team is open to new faces too. Kevin van Welie, enthusiastic 5th year ILS tornado, joined the team in their quest to fashion insights. Scanning the city for new and cool things, he even ran into Umberto Tan who was on the hunt for people to portrait. As Kevin’s favorite place is in the spotlights, he got his photo taken as well. His camera talent got in handy for us too, because Kevin provided us with loads of funny, informative and creative Instagram stories, boosting our social media feeds.

Two of the 2Xcell talents that organised the ‘Black Canvas’ event were there too. Vera Bouwhuis and Nicole Verhoeven postponed their holiday for a bit to join us on their second MBFWA. They both enjoyed several fashion shows and their articles can be found on our website.

Working together with alumni and ILS students from all study years, makes for a great diversity in ideas, perspectives and creativity. We make no difference between first timer’s and mammoth members, everyone is a valuable part of the team. For us it’s a privilege to work with a variety of ILS talents and we hope we help them in their journey of becoming a kick-ass Lifestyle Professional.


The Future of FashionWeek

An experimental playground

Shortly after FashionWeek two big news facts reached our ears. Mercedes Benz will no longer be the main sponsor of FashionWeek in Amsterdam (FashionUnited, 2017). To complete the chaos in our heads, TMG has decided to sell the FashionWeek venture after having owned it for just one year (NOS, 2017). This means big changes again for FashionWeek, that has had to adapt more than once before.

For us the big question isn’t who the next sponsor or owner are going to be. We’re more curious to investigate the future of fashion display in the Dutch fashion spectre. The retracting of both Mercedes Benz and TMG might be the perfect opportunity to effectuate radical changes in the concept of FashionWeek. This year, several designers ditched the classic runway performance to display their collections and chose other ways to show their creations. They might have given us a sneak peek into the future of FashionWeek. (...)

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