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Spotlight: Heal Interior Design

Students of ILS learn their profession in real life. That is why International Lifestyle Studies works together with companies from the Netherlands and abroad. In the first two years of the programme, these companies act as project owners. In their third year, students can also approach them for their internships. On Join ILS, these companies introduce themselves on a regulary basis.

Company name Heal Interior Design

Representative Shirley Dap

Working together with ILS since 2012

Sectors Health, Living

What kind of company is Heal Interior Design?

‘HEAL means Humanity, Environment and Love. I develop environmental concepts for different target groups that should increase well-being. For care institutions, for example, but also for governments and private individuals. I make use of the healing environment principle, in which lighting, the use of materials and routing play a role. I add my own philosophy to that. The mix of calm and warmth is typical for my approach. Of course, the target group is important as well. The lighting in a catering establishment is different from that in a healthcare institution. The challenge is always to get the right information from the client. If it works? Studies have shown that for instance in companies where the philosophy has been applied, absenteeism is less high.’

What is your relationship with ILS?

‘A few years ago, a student came to me for an internship. He brought me in contact with ILS. Since then, first year and second year students have made trend reports for me. I am also committed externally and I regularly participate in expert meetings.’

What is the added value of the collaboration for your company?

‘Conceptual thinking and trend watching, the two pillars of the programme, have a link with quality of life. This is in line with my philosophy. In terms of content, I can certainly do something with the students' trend reports. They give me a grip for concept reinforcement. In addition, it is good to work with young people, if only because they have a different vision.’

What do you like about ILS?

‘By focusing on the future, the study programme distinguishes itself from others. I like the fact that students are skilled in conceptual thinking, with quality of life is a starting point.’

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