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Impressive first year signaling report for Heal Design

First year students of International Lifestyle Studies are definitely not coddled. At the first week in school they meet with their client. A real life bona fide client for whom they need to do a research. In five weeks our students learn not only about new subjects, go to a type of school they’ve never been to before and also manage to make real impressive signaling reports. And one of those is the report by students from 1C for client Heal Design.

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A signaling report is a report with 18 ‘signals’: new products and ideas. In trendresearch finding signals are the first steps towards a deeper understanding about trends, so that’s where our students start. It’s daunting at first, because they have no idea what they need to be looking out for. We know this and understand that those first steps towards trend research will not be as good as it should be. And that’s ok. But once in a while a group of students instantly grasps what it is they need to be looking out for and present us with a report thats almost is as good as it gets.

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The report is visually beautiful with an outstanding graphic design, the chosen signals are interesting and fitted to their client and their presentation was, according to teacher Evelien Dieleman: “The chosen signals are new and surprising, for instance the cardboard furniture and Sam Madhu seaking equality. The signals are connected to trends and these have been extensively substantiated”.

The students earned high praise, marks and certificate. Congratulations!

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