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DDW 2017: Trendbook & Trendtours

During this years Dutch Design Week our students have given trendtours at het Klokgebouw. Eight enthusiastic students did in depth research of changes in society and clustered five trends. The trendtours consisted out of three of those trends from their trend book. The tour gave concrete manifestations of the trends.

Trendbook DDW 2017:

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 14.58.36

This years group had an heavy focus on technological boundaries, natures changes, empathy and self-sufficiency.

They explained their theme like this:

" The world as we know it is changing constantly. Robots which are getting increasingly smart are becoming part of our everyday lives. The boundaries between humanity and technology are blurring. Natural disasters are more violent and frequent than ever. Our increasingly busy schedules leave no time for boredom. Smart technology inspired by nature helps us create a more sustainable way of

producing. What do these innovations and developments mean for the future?"

With this Trendbook they give insight in our present society and its developments. It shows five future proof trends that are driven by shifts in society.

These are some excerpts of this trendbook:

Download the trendbook here.

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