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Graduation Thesis: DATE A BOOK


Four times a year during school hours an afternoon is organized in which the children can go on a date. Not with a person, but with a book. The person going on a date passes by tables, where other children try to praise their books and decides if there is a match or not. They keep cards with the book info in a personal folder, so they can later look back on which books they fit. In the meantime, children read books of their own choice from Theek5 library and try to see which of the books they can submit for the next date.


This concept is created for children of 9 to 12 years old. Children read less these days then they used to. Reading has positive influence of the mental health and feelings of well being. A lot of children stop reading for fun when they graduate from high school. This concept brings back the joy of reading in a fun and light atmosphere.


Theek5 is a library and very concerned about reading habits of children. They organise a huge number of school projects and participates in many national activities in the field of the promotion of reading for young children. These school projects are all aimed at getting children to read through the use of new media.

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