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Graduation Thesis: LEER-FABRIEK


Leer-Fabriek is a concept that gives vmbo-students literally and figuratively space to discover and develop their own interests and passions. The student selects or invents what he wants to learn. Based on the students' input, experts are sought and asked to provide this information. The lesson takes place in a different location than school, but close by. The space in which this lesson is given is flexible, inspiring and carries along with it the' tone of voice' of De Leer-fabriek.


Vmbo-students, aged 12 – 16, are not interested in going to school. Still, they are eager to learn and can get involved when a subject is close to their experience. They are young teenagers, busy trying to find their place within the group and very short term thinking. If stimulated in the right way, they get very exited about future thinking.


Teach the Future wants to spearhead innovation in education and connects as many parties as possible to that goal. The target group is dropping out of the system. Teach the Future gives them tools help them build their own future.

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