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Exciting Appearance Experience

A sweater can look nice, but who says that it wasn't made by children? And why would that neatly dressed man not have committed a murder? With these questions, last week, first-year students of International Lifestyle Studies confronted the visitors of the Appearance Experience. The theme was Online versus Offline Showroom.

Appearance, religion, culture or work. They all have an influence on our identity. And that determines to a large extent how others see us. What is the social relevance of fashion, of religion, culture or work and what does that say about our sense of identity? And what developments await us, including in the areas of haute couture, cosmetics and plastic surgery? Over the past five weeks, ILS first year olds have studied all kinds of subjects related to our identity. Based on the theme Online versus Offline Showroom they developed their own event. During the Appearance Experience, visited by a few hundred interested parties, some thirty groups shed light on the theme. Read their stories here.

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