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Symposium Future Food Systems

Last months, Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (ACI) and HAS University of Applied Sciences joined forces in a Masterclass Future Food Systems. Students of both programmes were encouraged to design concepts for sustainable food systems in co-creation with several organizations and businesses. The results of this collaboration will be presented during the Symposium Future Food Systems, Thursday 22 February at the Provinciehuis in Den Bosch.

In six classes participants got insight from the most innovative thinkers of the current global and local food system. HAS professor Frederike Praasterink taught the basics of food system thinking. Linda Hofman and Christianne Heselmans of Fontys ACI offered workshops on the methodology of Sustainable Futures. They developed this methodology so that companies can focus on the future in a positive way. Their methodology has been thoroughly tested, for instance at the Design Develop Transform Conference, last summer in Brussels en Antwerp.

During the Masterclasses students and lecturers worked in multidisciplinary on different projects for a contributor from the food system. The unique collaboration of the creative industry and agricultural science and businesses led to some innovative solutions towards valuable food systems. Thursday 22 february, seven teams will present their future food visions, developed in cooperation with Floating Farm, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Agrifood Capital, Province of North Brabant, Voedingscentrum and the True Price. A participant of the Masterclass will discuss the province's vision on sustainable food with representative Annemarie Spierings of North Brabant.

In order to inspire those present, innovative entrepreneurs will share their vision on the subject as well. The symposium also marks the start of the professorship Future Food Systems of HAS University of Applied Sciences with an Inaugural address of Frederike Praasterink. The symposium is organised by Fontys ACI and HAS University of Applied Sciences together with Food UP! Brabant.

Symposium Future Food Systems, Thursday 22 february Provinciehuis Den Bosch, Brabantlaan 1, 5216 TV Den Bosch. From 14.00 - 18.00 hr. Participation is free after registration. You can registrate here.

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