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Seen at Veem

UNSEEN EDIBLE Creator: Julia Schwarz Trend cluster Spice Up the Clean-Up is about taking an initiative to clean up the local area. Hidden treasures are materials that normally would be considered unusable waste products. In this trend, you are looking at how hidden treasures can be given a new purpose. The rise of urbanization together with climate change affects the loss of biodiversity and increases food scarcity. Designers have been looking beyond the land field to search for new superfoods besides algae and insects. In the local area, where the lichen grows on stones or trees they can be collected to create multiple products. Julia Schwarz understood that lichens are a great source of nutrition, for future food. She incorporated the lichen into various food, such as bread, butter, mustard or used them in medicine. Unseen Edible relates to the Spice Up the Clean-Up because it uses unused lichen. These are removed from woods that is going to be processed or by cleaning stone structures, which both are in the local area. Julia Schwarz is giving a new purpose to an overlooked waste material, collected lichen.

You can find them at Veem | Floor 2. Torenallee 805617 BE Eindhoven // Map No. A7

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