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Creator: Martijn Straatman

The trend Spice Up the Clean-Up is about the initiative to clean the local area from hidden treasures. Hidden treasures are the materials of waste that are considered as useless or are underestimated which will be given a new purpose.

With Manureality, Martijn Straatman aims to create a 100% natural and biodegradable furniture from the horse manure. Disposal of horse manure can be charged for a high fee to be used for farming in the Netherlands. With his concept, Martijn is not only helping local horse keepers or famers to discard the animal dung, but also creates meaningful (interior) design products. Giving the hidden treasures the new purpose.

Before you will get disgusted and starting to wonder: No, it does not smell as a dung. Manureality has no smell, it is stronger than it looks like and this may going to be your favorite chair.

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