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Creator: Sander Hagelaar

Video: Sander Hagelaar

Peaceful Escape is one of the trends that we want to address in this blogpost. It is about escaping from a stressful society. Since we need to do a lot of work in short amount of time with high expectations and with a lot of responsibilities. People are looking for a way out to get rest and have an escape from society.

“Nature can be ephemeral, unpredictable and intangible”. This is one of the quotes from Sander Hagelaar about nature and related it back to his own design. His project is calling ALL FALLS DOWN. It represents a short experience for passengers who are often too busy or simply stressed due the modern society.

It is a cabin with at the top a thin string that Hagelaar constantly dips in water and soap. By a mechanical system, he creates a mirror of soap as soon as he lifts the string. You can see yourself in the soap mirror on a confronting way. It provides a relaxing moment to tone down of the stress because of the modern (stress) society that daily comes across.

To wrap up, this design fits the trend because passengers can escape from their daily routine by looking in this “soap mirror” and they can destress in the cabin. After the view, they can pick up their routine easily to continue the day.

Picture: Thars Labee

Picture: Thars Labee

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