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Catching Birds of Paradise

Creator: Hanneke Klaver

Picture: Hanneke Klaver

Yesterday, one of the blog posts was about the signal, Underwater Illusions, that linked to our trend Interconnectedness. The explanation of this trend is the human desire to reconnect with nature through it’s movements and visual expressions. The signal we found for today is also linked to this trend.

The signal is part of a graduation project called ‘Catch air’ created by Hanneke Klaver. In this project, she explores the movements of the human body. The signal itself is called ‘Catching birds in paradise’. She got her inspiration from David Attenborough, who researched the great highland of new Guinea. This is the habitat of 42 different species of birds of paradise. The male birds attract female birds with various dances, non verbal communication.

During her studies she developed a fascination for the human body, human behaviour and communication. She says that we could be just as marvellous and exotic as the birds of paradise. We should be more aware of our nonverbal communication that we can express.

Therefore, in this video in which she showcases her designs, you can see the (re)invention of the human body and the power it can express. With her project she wants to make us aware of the inspiration we can get from nature for our behaviour and the way we connect with others.

Picture: Amber Groenewegen

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