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Creators: Maartje Dijkstra & Newk

The trend Inter-connectedness is all about the aesthetic of the natural world which is always in constant movement. Everything in nature is connected and flows careless and endlessly. Humans are part of nature too, but most of the hand-made products have a static shape. Therefore, there is an increase in human need for adaptation to the constant metamorphosis of nature. The real desire is to deeply connect to our own nature and to benefit from its aesthetics in a psychological, cognitive and spiritual way.

For her work Suspended Animation, the Dutch fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra was inspired by the extravagant natural phenomenon 'hibernation'. As you might know, hibernation is the time spent in a dormant state during winter, like bears, bats and bumblebees do. She designed and created this dress using memory metals, printed black crystals and tiny mirrors, which by moving up and down reflect the light and create a magical effect. The design slowly transforms to perfectly recreate the natural movement of ‘hibernation’.

Suspended Animation relates to the trend Inter-connectedness because it evolves around recreating the on-going movement of nature, hibernation, through technology. The purpose of it is to connect the ever-changing patterns of nature and the human desire to reconnect to its roots through the realisation of moving hand-made products, such as this dress.

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