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Seen at Central


Creator: Ivar De Jong

The trend Spice Up the Clean-Up is about taking initiative when it comes to cleaning up the local area. This trend focusses mainly on using hidden treasures in order to do so. Hidden treasures are materials that normally would be overlooked and not given a second life, but with this trend you see clear examples of how some designers are tackling this problem.

While wandering around Central in Eindhoven, we spotted something that caught our eye.

Summers in the Netherlands are nothing short of unpredictable. The sun can shine as bright as possible in the morning, and by noon it will be raining uncontrollably. This is something Dutchies like to complain about, especially during festival season. This is why MUDSHIRT (insert link: ) started. Silkscreen printed t-shirts created with local mud. You read that right, mud. Who would ever think of re-using such a hidden gem? Ivar De Jong did.

By creating those shirts, he is trying to celebrate Dutch weather, by using the result of the copious amounts of rain and create something out of it. The shirts are printed on demand and on location with a mobile silkscreen printing shop inside of a cargo bike.

We can link this signal back to Spice Up the Clean-Up because those shirts get printed with mud, a substance no one would ever think could be recycled and given a different purpose. With his playful vision, Ivar makes sure nothing goes no waste.

Fun fact: the shirts can even be washed in the washing machine, so you can wear it all season long.

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