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Commissioned by STORDES

The trend isolating loneliness is about combatting isolation in a new way. When someone is going through a difficult situation they tend to feel lonely. Nevertheless connecting with others that relate to you is a tool help you to overcome your lonesome.

The empathy exercise was designed to help your empathy ability. The exercise helps the company Achmea to get a bigger insight of employees and their clients, especially on one’s reaction and behavior. At Achmea as a damage control company, communication is one of the most important values. By using the empathy exercise, they improve the connection between the customers and the staff.

The exercise is on a table with five compartments. Each compartment has different levels. By moving the pion to the level of which the costumer is feeling, they’re are able to trace back triggers, reactions and emotions.

The purpose of The Empathy Exercise to gain insights and to be aware of these triggers and reactions to steer them in a constructive direction while a conversation. In addition, you can learn to read others and yourself in order to create a meaningful dialogue.

Therefore, the empathy exercise relates to the trend isolating loneliness, because it is a tool that helps people communicate with each other on a constructive level. Where they can find their relation to one and other and express how they are feeling by pinpointing. Now, this tool is used for Achmea customers, but it can also be used to understand your relatives better or people who are feeling alone. So, by connecting with each other they combat the isolation.

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