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Designer: Alicia Minnaard

The trend Spice Up the Clean-up is about taking initiative when it comes to cleaning up the local area. This trend focusses mainly on using hidden treasures in order to do so. Hidden treasures are materials that normally would be overlooked and not given a second life, but with this trend you see clear examples of how some designers are tackling this problem. In this case, a fashion designer. Nowadays, there are many designers in the fashion industry working towards this problem.

As you all might know, there is a lot of waste floating in the middle of the ocean. However, a few residents of the imaginary island called Noeskwam took action upon this. The tribe strives to show to importance elements on everyday life with a playful aspect through plastic waste. Whereas now they created a whole collection out of it which consists out of clothing and everyday objects. The Noeskwam collection is a made all from plastic waste.

The collection relates to the Spice up the clean-up because the materials are hidden treasures. Not only because of their resource, but also because plastic lasts forever. In addition, Noeskwam showed a new way of approaching plastic waste.

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