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Seen at Plan-B

Sport chair & Desk

Designers: Kiki and Joost

The trend Spice Up the Clean-up is about taking initiative when it comes to cleaning up the local area. This trend focusses mainly on using hidden trash-ures in order to give it a new purpose. Hidden treasures are materials that normally would be overlooked and not given a second life.

Kiki and Joost created a project in collaboration with ‘Sports for Children ‘, where the recycled sport material is used for redesigning new objects, especially desks and chairs. The aim of this project is to raise funding for kids around the world that do not have sport equipment. Therefore, with these funding’s transportation and the gears are paid.

Sport chair & Desk fits to Spice Up the Clean-Up because it was made from overlooked materials, so called hidden trash-ures, and was given a new purpose. It is not only about giving the materials a second life, but also to help those in need, in this case - the children.

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