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The trend Plan-B is about that the human race has been using natural resources without al-

ways bearing in mind what the consequences are. Now that the danger feels imminent, we want to repair what we broke. However, instead of fixing the damage and responsibly change our behaviours, humans accept the facts of irreparable harm. Instead, we use technology as a means to resolve those prominent issues.

‘Insectology: Food for Buzz’ is a project in which Boelhouwer created a series of ‘flowers’ from the perspective of an insect. These flowers summon the five most important pollinators (the bee, hoverfly, day and night butterflies, bumblebee) in the urban environment and provide for population strengthening and growth. To attract the bees from a far, the colours are valuable. Matilde used a colour contrast of yellow and violet and shaped it with two layers to create a strong silhouette.

Insectology fits with our trend Plan-B because it recreates flowers for the five-essential pollinator that are threatened to extinct. Nowadays pollinators are dying and without them we would have no source for food pollination due to the climate-change. Therefore, we are repairing what we broke.

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