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Bokken bouillon The trend Spice-Up the Clean-Up is about making the world a little better, while focusing on small local and often unseen issues. These problems consist of hidden trash-ures, which are materials that normally wouldn’t be recycled or found in the first place. Ontwerpstudio Annelies Hermsen’s main focus is food design. In her research, she observed that in the food industry there is a lot of bone waste, specifically with male goats’ bones. The reason for this is that for those goats, they are mainly used for the production of milk. Since the male goats do not produce any milk they are not necessary within the industry and thus often slaughtered after they are born. For this reason, Annelies created Bokken Bouillon which is a broth made from male goat bones, they would have been thrown away otherwise. Being able to collaborate with Bio Goat Meat cooperation, Annelies had the possibility to create this broth. The product is completely sustainable and has no added chemicals. The broth itself also has many health benefits. The Bokken Bouillon fits with the Spice-Up the Clean-up trend, because it brings purpose to a “product” that normally is just waste, and no-one looks back at. In this case, the hidden trash-ures are the bones for which Annelies Hermsen found a new purpose.

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