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Creator: Floris Roding

The trend Isolating Loneliness is about children that are going through a difficult situation where they could feel isolated and lonely. Connecting with others that relate to you, is a form of combating loneliness. This trend ensures you are able to communicate with others.

Floris Roding is a student from Utrecht University. He created a short adventure game called Gotelinde. It mainly focuses on a young Germanic girl coping with the loss of her loved ones through the five stages of grief. The storytelling of the game lets the player strongly feel his emotions and ordeals, by connecting with the character making his way from level to level.

Gotelinde fits with the trend Isolating loneliness because the player, who might have lost someone loved and doesn’t feel comfortable to talk about it. Floris Roding’s goal of the game, is to make it easier to talk about grieving and to fight loneliness.

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