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Trend update // Ambiente

The trend Materialistic Minimalism is about simplifying life without making compromises.

We focus on reducing our consumption of luxurious and lush things but still have the desire to be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing objects in our homes. In that sense we are not letting go of our materialistic needs, but we satisfy ourselves with simple objects that can be described as minimalistic.

Pepper-Pestle is a pepper grinder consisting of a round, organic shaped glass container for peppercorns and the base from the same matt glass material. The product is designed by Nendo for Valerie Object, a label based in Belgium.

The glass container of Pepper-Pestle can not only be used to store peppercorns, but its thickened bottom also works as a pestle. Together with the base, which functions as a mortar, the user can manually grind the peppercorns. With its well-thought design, Nendo aims to bring the fresh aromatic qualities of spices by using a grinder in a traditional but sophisticated way.

The multifunctionality of Pepper-Pestle fits the trend Materialistic Minimalism. The product is a container as well as a grinder of peppercorns at the same time. With its sleek and clear design, Pepper-Pestle is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy in its use.


Designer: Nendo

Ambiente Hall 4

Photo: Kanny

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