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Trend update // Ambiente

The trend ‘’Dimension of Indulgence’’ focuses the attention on how luxury is used as a means to escape from the current society. In the past, we have seen the phenomenon of escapism in multiple forms, such as the era of romanticism, where the past and supernatural were explored. It is not about the product itself, instead, about being indulged with a product or in a different world.

Schlaggenwald’s heritage consists of precise handicraft of skilled artisans and quality assurance, from the production of their unique pieces, till the packaging. Catered to individuals, this company creates jugs, vases, and last but not least lithophanes, all authentically hand engraved by using steel plates together with their in-house model, gold details and by using mould development which allows them to create endless design possibilities. This product is all about its tradition and history, which takes us all the way back to 1792 Czech Republic. And it is exactly because of those traditions that the company wants to keep on manufacturing those products: to keep those beliefs alive.

These particular products fit the trend ‘’Dimension of Indulgence’’ mainly because of the rich history that accompanies them, but also because of the handcrafted, luxurious materials used in order to manufacture them. Owning some of these Bohemian porcelain manufacturers can definitely help the user immerse into a different dimension, one of indulgence, fantasy and luxury.

Designer: Schlaggenwald

Hall 5, D45

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