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Trend update // Ambiente

Earth by Marie Michielssen for Serax

Seen at Ambiente fair hall 8, 2019

The trend Raw is the New Great is about destigmatizing and heading in the direction of finding a new function for waste materials.This also entails transforming those elements in a new sort of material. The intention of products such as furniture or tableware is no longer only about functionality or aesthetics, but also about the production process.

The collection Earth, designed by Marie Michielssen for Serax, is a series of characteristic lamps and pots made of papier-mâché. The material feels raw and uneven and the look of it is primitive. The warm earth tones, the color and the texture of the papier-mâché reflects the unique characteristics of these handmade crafts.

The collection fits the trend Raw is the New Great because Michielssen used a material that is not particularly very appealing to consume from. When crafting with papier-mâché it is well known that it often gets messy and sticky. However, if we start using the material in the right way, it is an opportunity for the use of new materials that we often overlook because of the stigma.

source picture:

Serax. Earth. Reference on February 10th, 2019, from

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