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Top five designs at hall 8 / Ambiente

In the past few days, we have given trend tours through hall 4. During these tours we showed you nine designs, but which design fits our trend(s) best? We nominated five designs in each hall that make a chance at winning the best trend design title 2019 from the Future Thinkers.

Dimension of indulgence

The trend ‘’Dimension of Indulgence’’ focuses the attention on how luxury is used as a means to escape from the current society. In the past, we have seen the phenomenon of escapism in multiple forms, such as the era of romanticism, where the past and supernatural were explored. It is not about the product itself, instead, about being indulged with a product or in a different world.

Materialistic minimalism

The trend ‘’Materialistic Minimalism’’ is about simplifying life without making compromises.

We focus on reducing our consumption of luxurious and lush things but still have the desire to be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing objects in our homes. In that sense, we are not letting go of our materialistic needs, but we satisfy ourselves with simple objects that can be

described as minimalistic.

Touch of time

The trend ‘’Touch of Time’’ is about how the passing of time can show on a certain product.

The feeling of an aging material is quite special: it becomes unique because of the signs of aging, it’s more personal and it also tells a story.

Instead of approaching the future with an abundance of technologies, let’s embrace and trust the natural touch of time.


Brand Aievl is the anagram for living things. The designer, Deny R Priyata, decided to use foam as a metaphor for change. The stool that he created is called EUM. It has a certain Indonesian pattern called BATIK, creating contrasting texture foam. The designer carves it by hand using the same process as wood carving which is an Indonesian technique. The process of creating this chair takes one week, but the time it takes for the user to see actual changes is approximately one year.

The designer is inspired by the life cycle which he relates it with the foam of the chair, that looks like life, changes during time bringing uniqueness depending on the person who uses it.

Company: Aievl

Name: EUM


Gie el

Ghi el is a Polish company, located in a city close to Krakow, known for its industrial and coal mines past. The Rust Bird Chandelier is made of original, raw steel, covered in real rust. In order to make this lamp the process starts off by cutting up metal bending it into the desired shapes and then leaving it outside and let nature take its toll on it. After five working days later and foggy weather the lamp has the desired look and can be put on the market. Obviously this process is much better and faster doing colder times, but in the summer, they acquire the desired look by hand. After hanging up the lamp in the desired place the process doesn’t stop. You can see the rust increasing through time.

But why did this company decide to make this product? First of all they are very fascinated by time and how that shows on materials. For them, rust is not something you should prevent but it’s beautiful, and it is art.

Company: Gie el

Name: Rust Bird Chandelier


Kawai Ohashi

Kawai is a brand that specialises in the production of chopsticks. They have a beautiful collection of all different kinds of them. However, they have one particular piece that deserves our special attention. The lacquered Wakasa chopsticks were created over 400 years ago for the feudal lords, royals in japan close to the coastal line. What is really interesting about these chopsticks is that they are handcrafted, take around half a year to make, have over 16 layers of traditional lacquer, gold, pearl and crushed eggshell. Around 5 people work on them, using traditional techniques. The chopsticks are created to make you feel like one of these feudal lords, going back into the culture and time.

Company: Kawai Ohashi

Name: Lacquered Wakasa Chopsticks



Rumms is a company that designed a nutcracker, which is handcrafted by a blacksmith. When you use it, it cracks the nut precisely without making a big mess. The nut stays intact but the shell divides into two parts thanks to the special design underneath of the top kube. The designer wanted to create something that he can make by himself because then there will be no mass production. Also, due to the fact that it is handmade, every single nutcracker will look different and unique. The playfulness of Lukas makes it a special object for every table to crack nuts.

Company: Rumms,

Name: Nussknacker Lukas


Antique mirrors

Antique Mirrors is a company founded and located in Siena, Tuscany. For over fifty years, Antique Mirror has dedicated itself to researching and creating materials in the flat glass industry which will indulge you into a wonderful world. The way they create their materials is unique to them and only they know how to make it. What we do know is that they stasrt of with a glass panel with a layer of silver on it, through several chemical processes they created a collection of abstract and exclusive materials. They can be used in interior, architecture, in furniture or in/as pieces of art.

Company: Antique Mirrors

Name: The Mirror


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