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Concept Appearance & Food: The Merged

This is a second year group project for client Appel & EI with concept called The Merged. In this assignment the students work on a project within two of the lifestyle sectors: Appereance and Food.

The contact was made with a client (Appel & EI) who wanted to give second-hand clothing a new life.

By creating an experience while selling used clothing, the client wanted to get rid of the dusty image of second-hand clothing. It was up to the students to do a full DOTS study and to develop a concept for the client with these results. During this assignment, the second year ILS students were confronted for the first time with the assignment of the financial accountability of the concept.

The assignment for the students was therefore to come up with a realistic and innovative concept. A concept the client can use to take the next step into a successfull future. To achieve this, ILS students tested the research results and concept forms using different ILS methods. It is important, within ILS, to justify everything clearly in the report for the client. Every step must be justified and supported by research results and sources. This group was very clear and successful in this!

By creating an experience and offering clothing to the target group in a new way, an innovative concept has emerged. By combining Appereance and Food, the garment industry and hospitality industry became an experiance for the customer! The concept presented in this concept book is a result of all research and testing. The way how to get there is just as important as the result.

By applying methods such as the COCD-box, DOTS, DESTEP method, students filter, combine and process ideas based on trend research and target group research are very innovative and susceptible.

By conducting research with the target group, conducting trend research and conducting cross-sectoral research, the students of the project The Merged have won a certificate for the best concept for Appel & EI. Not only the outcome in the concept book, but also the way to it. How do the students get to the results and what paths have they come up with? Educational and useful information can be found in the creative report, a very important part for assessing the work of the students.

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