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Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven Photographs: Iris Rijskamp

Design Of Marriage

One of the trends that came out of the trend research we have done the last two months is Stretching Boundaries. Stretching Boundaries shows a change in perspective of how we can talk about complicated subjects and shows that humans feel the need to talk about certain topics. Stretching Boundaries want to stimulate the conversation in ‘taboo’ subjects.

In South-Korea, there is a huge pressure to marry, especially for a woman. A lot of people in South-Korea are conventional see marriage as a way to attain personal happiness. To talk about this topic or have another opinion is still a taboo. Design of Marriage is an installation with three sides of which each has a video screen. These side’s and videos are illustrating the feeling of pressure that a growing part of the women in South Korea face when it comes to marriage. In South Korean society sees marriage as an approach to preserve traditional values and also to boost the birth-rate. As a reaction, modern feminists in South-Korea feel stressed because of the pressure they feel from their society. This results in a rebellious reaction that is shown in Design of Marriage, for example, the text: ‘Marriage is voluntary slavery’. and ‘If you are single, you’d become lonely when you get old’.

If we look at the Western world, we can marry who we want and have the choice if we even want to get married in the first place. Design of Marriage is an installation with a message to open up the discussion of freedom in the marriage.

Design: Design Of Marriage by Jae Jang Seen at: Dutch Design Week, Campina, Empath area Want to know more about project name? Click here.

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