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Trend Update // Dutch Design Week


In the last weeks we have researched changes in values and needs in society, also known as trends. One of these trends is Copycat Identity. This trend shows how humans want to be unique, have their ‘own’ identity and express their true selves. In order to do so, people ironically tend to look at other people for inspiration and copy what is desirable. Copycat identity is a trend that offers access to creativity and allows people to create something with the purpose of self-expression without needing the skills to do so.

When brainstorming it is easy to get lost within one’s own mind and to break free from the patterns and limitations of what you already know. Not everyone has the creativity to come up with the best ideas, having a broader thought spectrum can be crucial to create more successful innovations. Sevenclicks is a platform that helps create more associations when brainstorming, using information gathered from Wikipedia. By putting in one word in the search engine, for example lifestyle, the program gives you other associations in just seven clicks. Creating a new thinking-pathway without spending a minute of thought gives the user input without giving output.

Taking the user by hand the program fulfills the desire to create new associations without needing the skill or time to do so. Instead of brainstorming with own creativity the algorithm creates a new path of thought through the vast world of Wikipedia. Creating the illusion the user has made it with their own skill and creativity.

Design: Alex Gehlen

Seen at: Dutch Design week, Campina, Design Academy Graduation show, Channel Eight.

Want to know more about the project? Click here.

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