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Trend Update // Dutch Design Week

A plant in the wrong place

When friends and family invite you to dinner flowers are considered an appropriate gift. You go to a flower shop and purchase a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were grown solely for that purpose. Why do we buy flowers in a shop when we could pick our own outside? Flowers don’t just grow in rural areas; we also find them in the urban landscape. There however we don’t think of them as beautiful flowers, we think of them as weeds and cut them off without paying further attention to them because they disrupt our clean man made environment. Weeds are defined as wild plants growing where they are not wanted and therefore in the wrong place.

"A plant in the wrong place" brings out the question whether a plant can be in the wrong place. It is an exhibition made by Rene Siebum and Tina Stieger with the purpose of inspiring people to pay more attention to their surroundings and to value the true beauty of wild plants hidden in the urban landscape. They created small vases made from wood as vessels to value the small and unseen by giving it a place of appreciation.

This exhibition changes the way we think about weeds and makes us more aware of its beauty. Tina Stieger teaches Trends and the sector Living at fontys ILS and is also one of our mentors.

Design: A plant in the wrong place by Rene Siebum and Tina Stieger Seen at: Dutch Design Week, Sectie C, Hall 8 Want to know more about “A plant in the wrong place”? Click here.

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