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Spotted // Ambiente Fair


Have you ever wanted to add a swimming pool to your interior? Estúdio Rain designed a set of low tables that are transformed into swimming pools by adding removable ladders to the tables, called SWIMMING POOL TABLES.

The collection is composed of organically shaped coffee tables with several size options that may be used together or separately. The tables are made of matte powder-coated steel with a glass top. The glass has a light blue colour which refers to the water in a swimming pool. The organically shaped steel borders create the whimsical feeling of a puddle, translating to the fluid character of water. The ladders can be placed in different positions. The inspiration behind the design of the tables come from the idea that swimming pools remind people of summer and freedom.

SWIMMING POOL TABLES are part of a collection displayed in Galleria 1 at Ambiente Fair 2020. It’s a collection of earlier works created by architect Ricardo Inneco and product designer Mariana Ramos. This Brazilian duo started Estúdio Rain in 2015 and they develop furniture, lighting and objects. Their main goal with SWIMMING POOL TABLES is to encourage users to create their own story and play with their interior.

Playing with your interior is something we might start doing more in the future, according to the trend ‘Unchain the Rebel’ we detected for Ambiente fair 2020. This trend is about going back to our inner child, freeing our base rebellic instinct and allows us to show our emotions in a playful way. In western culture people are being taught to conform to the norms. When we were kids, we didn’t care about these norms. We are longing back to being able to be playful and not caring about other people’s opinions.

However, even though we want to be more bold and step out of our cage more, doing so is a whole different thing. Adding tables like these into your interior may inspire people to take a first step towards unleashing their inner wildness. Are you ready to release the child within you?

If you’d like to know more about the trends we created for Ambiente Fair 2020, you can download it here.

If you like to know more about Estudio Rain click here.

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