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Spotted // Ambiente Fair


Every (bed)room has a chair who ends up covered with a pile of clothes; worn but not quite ready to be washed yet. Marie Radke created a solution for this common occurrence with her furniture series ‘Familie Hempel’.

The series consists of four pieces: Regina, Bruno, Sepp and Hans. Together they represent the ‘Familie Hempel”, a common used phrase in Germany to describe a messy room or household. The design of ‘Regina’ represents a high seat, perfect to store close but also to overview the mess in your space. ‘Bruno’ is designed to store small garments such as socks. The character is described as sneaky, inspired by the gaps between sofa cushions. ‘Sepp’ is a bench, designed to be placed in a hallway to store your outerwear. To complete the series, Marie Radke designed ‘Hans’, a stool where you can easily store your garments using rubber bands.

The series rebels against the pressure of a society which aims for a ‘Marie-Kondo-like’ perfection. The Berlin based designer recently graduated at the university of arts in the same city. She is currently working as a freelancer and prefers designing projects with a mix of humor, innovation and colours.

Familie Hempel provides a safe space to be chaotic with aesthetically pleasing design. It’s a tribute to the classic pile of clothes on the chair in the corner.Therefore it fits the trend ‘Unchain the Rebel’. Familie Hempel allows us to free ourselves from the expectation society imposes on us, making fun of it. Marie Radke designed an interesting series, allowing us to temporarily store our garments. Ready to be worn one more time before going to the washing machine.

Find more information about Marie Radke here.

If you’d like to know more about the trends we created for Ambiente Fair 2020, you can download our trend book here.


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