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Life is a playground, according to German designer Nikolas Miranda. Sustaining this message, he created Mayamot.

Mayamot is a lamp made out of different compartments, adjustable to your likings. The motto of the design is ‘Enlighten your inner child’ which was referred to by using bold colours and robot-like designs. The lamp consists of twelve parts and therefore allows and encourages you to build it up in different ways and disassemble it again. The twelve compartments are shaped in an abstract, colourful way. Nikolas Miranda used these compartments to implement the light components. It is possible to rotate each element either horizontally or vertically. When you rotate the compartments, the colours of the lights change. This way the design allows you to create playful pieces that cheer up your living space.

Nikolas Miranda, the designer of Mayamot, calls himself a questionnaire and a solutioner. On his website he stated: “For every problem, there is a solution and sometimes, even though you don’t want to accept it, the solution is, that it does not work…at least not with the past ideas.“ By adjusting the past ideas, the main purpose of his designs are to improve the lives of people. The idea behind Mayamot is to inspire the users to play with their decorations, releasing their inner child.

Mayamot is a clear manifestation within the trend “Unchain the Rebel”. It is normal for children to play with toys in western society, however when adults play with their items people frown upon them. We learn to suppress the urge to play around as we grow older, replacing them with adult activities. Unchain the Rebel allows us rediscover and embrace that playfull part of ourselves.

If you like to read more about Nikolas Miranda or Mayamot, click here

If you’d like to know more about the trends we created for Ambiente Fair 2020, you can download our trend book here.


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