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Spotted // Ambiente fair

PASQUA - Olive oil poured from the branch

If you want to get inspired by beautiful handmade Italian glass collections, you should look at Industria Vetraria Valdarnese (IVV).

IVV was founded by a group of master glassmakers in the heart of Tuscany. It grew to become one of Europe’s main producers of blown- and handmade glass. IVV strives to create objects that transform and change our dining experience. To make that happen they work together with Italian designers, one of them is Marta Sansoni.

Marta Sansoni is a well-known Italian architect and designer. She recently designed her own glass collection called Poesi di Vetro. With Poesi di Vetro she is transforming known items and creating new items that can be found on a dining table to make them more playful and multifunctional.

One of her pieces for this collection is called PASQUA. It is a cruet for olive oil that inside showcases a glass olive tree branch-pourer to remind the user of where the oil came from. The transparency of the clear glass allows the view of the olive branch with its fruits and leafs, which depending on the level of oil contained is revealed or hidden. The idea of this cruet is to show the plant the oil was harvested from to portrait nature and its beauty and get the user to appreciate it more.

It matches the trend Interwoven which is all about bringing the human touch and nature together in a more equal way. By increasing our appreciation for nature, it encourages us to treat nature kindly and meet it on a more equal level.

If you’d like to know more about the trends we created for Ambiente Fair 2020, you can download it here.

Find out more about the designer and IVV.

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