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Spotted // Ambiente Fair


Visual artists and their work are interesting to follow since they often detect and visualize what’s going on in society. Markus Friedrich Staab created a collection of customized furniture with playful designs that represent our trend ‘Unchain the Rebel’: Furniture re-done.

The collection is appealing to the eyes: bright colours, interesting materials and compositions. Furniture re-done are individual pieces of second hand furniture. He uses second hand mass produced and homogenous products and turns them into something unique that takes on an identity of its own.

One piece of the collection we discovered at Ambiente 2020 was Peak of a Century “blue and green”. It’s a French 40's design, rattan chair contemporized with vintage wood feet. The ball-like wood feet are hand painted in a bright, almost neon, green colour. They may remind you of tennis balls. The seat backrest was painted into an eclectic blue colour which composition may remind you of a rope.

The design process of this manifestation is not just playful, it also aligns the trend ‘Unchain the Rebel’ because of the outstanding characters of the furniture pieces. We are taught to behave in a certain way to blend in with the mass, but if we learn to listen to our instincts and express our true selves we have the potential to stand out because of our own unique identity, just like these interesting pieces of furniture.

If you like to know more about Markus Friedrich Staab or his work, click here

If you like to know more about the trends we created for Ambiente Fair 2020, you can download it here

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