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Spotted // Ambiente Fair


It seems that in our western society we value financial and technological growth more than the animal well-being. In order to expand our territory and grow bigger, we tend to take away from nature by cutting down forests and hunting different species until their extinction.

An interesting manifestation found within thin this year’s Whimsical Collection stand at the Ambiente fair 2020, is the brand-new children collection. In a playful and colorful way, the collection sketches the image of the current situation in the African wildlife. The thought behind this project is to manifest to children that plants and wildlife are just as important as humanity. That we should live as one. According to the designer, Deziree Smith, we should look over nature and its future from the youngest age possible.

In order to realize her dream of sustaining the African wildlife, Deziree promotes awareness about the plight of the endangered African species. A percentage of the sold products by Whimsical Collection, is donated to organizations such as The Rhino Orphanage.

As the designer believes, humanity should understand that we are part of nature and not above nature. This makes the collection fit the trend Interwoven. This trend is about the fact that instead of using nature for our advantage only, we need to work together in order to restore the destroyed balance.

If you like to know more about the trends we created for Ambiente Fair 2020, you can download it here

If you like to know more about Whimsical Collection click here

Photo @ Whimsical Collection

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