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You get up, check your phone, get a cup of coffee on the go to work spend the day everywhere and anywhere. Coming back home, you have dinner with your family, watch some television, and check your phone for the last updates before you go to bed. The next morning you must get up even earlier than the day before, check your phone and the cycle repeats.

What most people don’t know is that the use of television, smartphones and tablet’s mess with our biorhythms. Therefore, it is important to maintain good sleeping for our body and minds, which the ‘Sōl’ ‘a light installation that imitates the Sun’s cycles to benefit human biorhythms’ helps to achieve. The installation highlights the value the Sun has, and the importance of connecting not only our sleep cycle, but our whole lives to nature. ´Śol´ aims to recreate the feeling of harmony we once had in our relationship with nature. Sounds very interesting right? But how do we achieve this?

With the advent of smartphones and light bulbs, humans are increasingly losing their internal biorhythms. The use of blue spectrum light of smartphones and computers multiplies the intake of light in the evenings which causes various disorders. ‘Our sleeping patterns have become out of tune’. But during these busy days with full work schedules and appointments all day long, maintaining a good sleep quality and being mindful about the use of various devices is very important. Therefore, the installation called ‘Sōl’ is brought to life.

Sōl is created by Yoon Seok-Hyeon and Studio LaVina, it imitates the sun’s cycles trough light to positively influence our biorhythms. The installation is designed as a lamp that hangs on the ceiling to ‘praise the sun’. The structure of the lamp creates a light landscape which aligns with the natural clock. The intensity and color are regulated by a sundial, allowing the individual atmospheric mood settings. 

The Earth has been our home for billions of years, together with it, we evolved. Nature is what gave us life, but instead of thanking it, in the past year our actions have only been destroying it. The times have come when we need to change our relationship with nature and live in more harmony with it. The trend ‘The Caretakers’, which we present in our trend book, explains this change happening. It works towards redirecting people’s mindsets to make them aware of the urgency to change about how we perceive nature. This is also what ‘Sōl’ aims to do. It is dedicated to praise the Sun, which gives life to everything on Earth, in order to tune our biorhythms with it. 

The goal of the artwork, as the goal of ‘The Caretakers’, is to show people we need to be more respectful towards nature. We need to start showing appreciation for everything it does for us, by balancing out our damaging behaviors and focusing more on how we can participate towards a healthier planet. Most importantly, we need to realize we are a part of it, and that only by living in harmony with nature, we can survive. Manifestations like ´Sōl´ indicate that the future is about showing gratitude and respect in everything one does. It is about creating a symbiotic relationship between humans and the planet that will restore harmony in the world once more.

Do you want to know more about ´Sōl´ or its designer? Click here.

Do you want to know more about the trend The Caretakers? Then read our trend book for the Dutch Design Week 2020 here.

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