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AI know all about you…

Facebook seems like a nice platform to be on. You can scroll through content on the platform that appears harmless. But did you know that artificial intelligence knows more about you than you might want? Every piece of content is tailored to your preferences. All to make you engage more with the algorithm…

This hypothetical device by Jules Sinsel lets YOU decide what information the platform is allowed to know. Start by scanning a QR code, then step onto a platform where your experience starts! Customise or de-customise your feed by pressing buttons. You choose to share: your age, gender, type of device, native language, interaction with your social network and many other things. Besides choosing what to share, you can control the process through the “see more” button. Finally, you upload your data and see your results. It is shown in percentages to what extent your content will be personalised. Are you satisfied with your level of personalisation?

This experience is closely connected to our trend: blurring boundaries. It addresses the topic of the online jungle. The digital realm seems overly complex and increasingly unclear. Through the installation, the process of giving your data to a big platform like Facebook gets more tangible and conscious. You need this awareness to be able to regulate the use of social media peacefully and safely exist within the internet. It is a way to regulate the chaotic online world.

It looks like privacy and data regulations are becoming more common. You will own your data and decide what happens with it. If in the near future you had the power over your data, what would you trust Facebook with?

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