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HOME, the house of homeland simulations by International Creative Women

HOME, the house of homeland simulations, is a project by International Creative Women. For this project, nine international women who live in the Netherlands created an exhibition about feeling at home after moving to a foreign country. In this exhibition they transformed two “whitewashed” rooms into a living- and dining room. In the living room you can watch video recordings which capture memories that the nine women made in their own living spaces back in their origin countries. The dining room displays a variety of dishes and objects that have a particular scent, which also bring back memories from the women’s native countries.

In this exhibition, the women want to show that ‘home’ is different for everyone. Their goal is to blend the different images of home to create public spaces where people can connect by sharing their culture through memories. With this they want to create inclusivity and safe communal spaces where everyone can feel at home.

We link the project HOME to our trend Preserving the past, because it shows a way to take memories with you into the future. This provides a sense of security and makes it easier to settle down in a new environment. People can open up to a new culture, while their own cultural identity is being preserved. Therefore, we also link this to our trend Customized Co-living because this trend is also about reinventing living spaces to build community, while preserving individuality.

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