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It sits right with me!

Rolie is Europe's first autonomous wheelchair. With this robot, people who cannot walk can move around without caretakers or human guidance. The chair allows safe exploration beyond previous boundaries. Users can go further than they could if they were helped by a caretaker. Safety is secured by anti-trip technology, special wheels for thresholds and smart, object-circumvention. Accessible through a QR code, the chair brings you to your destination. The prototype we tested at Strijp T still included a joystick but later versions could also be equipped with voice control or an interface making it accessible to a variety of users.

This chair is proof of the trend we discovered: independent well-being. It supports independence and gives a sense of control. Much like the value shift we detected it also acknowledges interpersonal differences in care needs. Some want to explore other things than others. Providing tools for these people can give them more freedom.

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