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SPOTTED // Dreams

By Valerie den Boer

We all dream every night. Our brains are active throughout the night. But after we wake up, we often don’t remember much about our dreams. The artwork this blogpost is about, is called ‘Dreams’. It is all about fantasizing and believing that dreams are no deception. The art is made by Folkert de Jong.

In this artwork, the artist wants you to feel like you are dreaming. It is kind of an exposition of big, floating boats. The boats are made of candle wax, pigments, cotton, aluminium and stainless steel cables. Folkert de Jong characterized this work of art as: “something that makes you dream.’’ It is about dreams being no deception, but the beginning of another reality. He believes that dreams do mean something; that if you take the poetic power of your dreams seriously, you can create a new reality and find your own, new direction. He thinks it is important to keep longing for elsewhere.

As the artwork is all about how our society thinks of dreams and how he makes something new of it in a new way, it fits our trend Celebrate The Absurd. This trend is all about our society viewing the everyday tasks we do in a weird, new way through creativity and freedom.

For more information about the designer and dreams, you can visit his website.

If you would like more information about the trends we created for Dutch Design Week 2021, you can sign up to purchase the trendbook here

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